What you told us

Flora and fauna:

Use appropriate species for street trees.

Increase street tree planting.

Use street tree species which don’t block views.

Use street tree species which don’t create heavy shade.

Revegetate the headland and remove vehicle access to the Old Great Ocean Road.



Use natural and recycled materials.

Select durable, safe and low maintenance materials.

Concern regarding timber due to slipping hazard and maintenance.



Increase the extent of underground power through the town centre.


What are the main concerns?

Street trees should contribute to a cohesive street appearance.

Weather conditions are variable and can be cold, windy and stormy.

Port Campbell is fringed by a national park, home to sensitive flora and fauna habitats and needs to be preserved and enhanced.

Hard and soft materials need to be durable to the coastal environment.

Existing streets appear cluttered. 


Has the proposal considered the concerns?

The concept plans have allowed for revegetation of the Old Great Ocean Road to enhance the habitat.

Use of resilient and durable materials is included. 


What should be considered?

Selection of street tree species.

Further resolve street tree locations.

Review the appropriateness of timber decking as a footpath surface.

Use of non-slip finishes on new timber.

Use of timber with class 1 durability.

Ensure the town appears connected to the surrounding national park.