Survey results - top roundabout



Thanks to all who provided feedback.

It was line-ball with 14 people voting it should be converted so all traffic goes down Morris Street and Cairns Street is for local traffic zone, versus 13 against.

The department of Transport is now advising us how to best keep unwanted buses and tourist vehicles on the Great Ocean Road and off local streets.

You may have noticed that works have not yet started at the top roundabout on Morris Street and Great Ocean Road. 

These works were part of the 2022 Works Package.

The original plan was to remove the roundabout and modify the intersection to prevent buses continuing straight ahead and then down the Cairns Street hill into town. The modifications would also encourage all incoming traffic to continue down Morris Street. 

However, the price quoted for the roundabout removal was too high, forcing us to look at other ways to achieve the same outcome. 

The latest advice from the Department of Transport is to keep the roundabout and make the Old Ocean Road ‘exit only’. (See diagram below).

This will channel all incoming traffic down Morris Street and create a ‘local traffic only’ feel at the top of Cairns Street. 

We need to know what impacted residents and the wider community think.


If you do not support the ‘exit only’ option, the alternative will be slight modifications to the roundabout to prevent only buses and larger vehicles from continuing straight.

Feedback has now closed, thanks to all those who submitted!