Frequently Asked Questions

The latest FAQs (updated May 2023) are available here(PDF, 644KB)

Foreshore works Q & A's

What’s happening on the foreshore?

The first section (current fenced area nearest Lord Street) will have accessible pathways and a natural amphitheatre feel. It will include street furniture that is protected by retaining walls and raised native garden beds. This section will have bike racks, wireless chargers, USB ports, and an e-bike charging station.

How long is the fence going to be on the foreshore?

The foreshore works will be carried out in three sections, starting with the section closest to Lord Street, the middle section, then the section nearest the Surf Club. It is possible that the section closest to Lord Street will be finished and the middle section will start in the next couple of months. However, all works will pause from the start of December until the end of January to minimise disruption over the peak visitor season. There will be no fencing up on the foreshore during December and January. Construction will start again in February.

Why is the fencing up and nothing has happened?

This is a normal process for a project of this size and complexity. At the moment we are setting out footings for the foreshore pathways, stairs and retaining walls. We’ve also needed a more indepth investigation of the Norfolk Pines tree root system before any new infrastructure goes in.

Is the site office going to be open more once construction starts?

Yes. The Port Campbell Town Centre office at 34 Lord Street is now open Tuesday (10 am- 4 :30 pm), Wednesday and Thursday (9:30 am-4:30 pm). Please drop in if you have any questions. We much prefer you come in, ask us directly and get the right answer.