Weekly updates

24 February 2024 

Works update for the week ahead


  • The next series of walls are being constructed
  • The material from around the current walls being built is being used as fill around the first set of walls

Tregea Street

  • Concreter will soon lay the new kerb outstands
  • Two-way traffic will be maintained at all times with traffic management as required to ensure safety 
  • Parking will be reduced around construction zone and changes daily

Rocket Shed

  • Refurbishment of the Rocket Shed landing (in consultation with Parks Victoria) will continue
  • Kerb outstand at intersection will be marked out
  • Backfill of terrace seats to begin to allow for returfing

Lord Street south (Norfolk Pines area)

  • Works on the new footpath to the Southern Ocean Motel will commence
  • Works on road realignment will commence
  • Parallel parking will be closed
  • Lord Street will remain open to two way traffic from Cairns Street to the Fisherman’s carpark

Lord Street South work plan:

Lord Street South work plan

General update

  • A reminder that ‘final plans’ on the website are a design report which is an illustrated guide to the project
  • More detailed plans are on display in the windows at the Hub (34 Lord Street)
  • The Hub is open from 10 am–4 pm Tuesday to Thursday, where Project Manager Aaron has the full set of construction plans and drawings and can go into further detail with anyone who wants to know more about the works.

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