Project update November 2019


The Port Campbell Town Centre Project aims to improve the amenity and function of Port Campbell town centre, making it a pedestrian-friendly destination with wider footpaths and better connections between the centre and headlands.

In August/September 2019, a Schematic Design Plan for the Port Campbell Town Centre Project was placed on community consultation. During this consultation period, the plan was available for viewing online and hard copies were available from the Port Campbell general store. The Schematic Design Plan was developed from a Concept Design adopted by Council in March 2019, which was informed by two periods of earlier public consultation.

What you told us

Council received 52 submissions in response to the latest round of consultation on the Schematic Design Plan. 

Key issues included:

  • Lord Street traffic flow concerns e.g. traffic lane width, parallel parking, commercial deliveries, large vehicle movements, boat access and emergency vehicle access
  • Proposed layout of the Fisherman's car park (reduction in parking spaces and inclusion of roundabout, trailer manoeuvring obstacles)
  • Removal of roundabout at Lord Street / Cairns Street
  • Need for additional summer car parking provision
  • More footpaths requested - Morris Street / Cairns Street
  • Angle vs 90⁰ parking
  • More car parking requested on Morris Street vacant blocks
  • Accessible parking issues e.g. location and number of spaces, layouts and dimensions
  • Tregea Street footpath
  • Coach / bus parking
  • Morris Street “pinch” to slow traffic movement near Public Purpose Reserve – both support and opposition.
  • Other comments on detail: landscaping, street furniture, bins, plinth on foreshore, McIntyre fountain, zebra crossing, school bus zone, driveway access, shower on foreshore, 3 historical signs, timber decking etc.


Key Revisions

We have made a few more changes to the Schematic Design Plan in response to submissions received during the latest consultation process.
This plan will be considered for adoption by Council at its meeting on Tuesday 26 November 2019.

The key changes made to the plans as a result of the public consultation process are:

  • Retention of the current layout of the Fisherman’s car park and the existing pier access arrangements
  • Widening of each traffic lane in Lord Street between Morris Street and Cairns Street to 3.5 metres. This change is intended to facilitate larger vehicle movement. The existing  traffic lane width for Lord Street between Cairns Street and the Fisherman’s Car Park is retained at the current 3.3 metres. 
  • Retention of the green nature strip in Cairns Street (opposite the foreshore) and provision for outdoor dining opportunities (for example in front of Forage on the Foreshore).

Features of the Schematic Design which are retained include:

Removal of the roundabout at Great Ocean Road and Morris Street, and a revised intersection design to encourage use of Morris Street as the primary traffic route (rather than Cairns Street)

  • A shared pedestrian and vehicle zone in Lord Street and Cairns Street. This will give pedestrians priority and allow for future increased pedestrian activity. It will be a low speed area for vehicles
  • Retention of two-way vehicle movement on all streets
  • Removal of the roundabout at Cairns Street and Lord Street to improve pedestrian priority
  • Changes to bus movements including reduced bus movement on Cairns Street, and creation of a bus drop off/pick up zone near the Parks Victoria office. An alternative off peak bus route is provided for winter months
  • Introduction of parallel car parking in Lord Street and provision for timed parking
  • Changes to parking layout and supply - 272 parking spaces are proposed compared to the existing 245 spaces
  • Accessible car parking to meet current Australian Standards - increased from six current car parks to nine accessible car parks, including parallel, angle and 90⁰ spaces
  • Car parking provision in Tregea Street is increased from 53 to 71 spaces (including 3 accessible car parks)
  • Improved pedestrian linkages to key trails and the National Park, including on the Old Great Ocean Road
  • A revised foreshore treatment, improvements to the interface with Lord Street and Cairns Street and the retention of 90⁰ angle car parking
  • Picnic platforms and decking along the Norfolk Pines area to allow people to stop and view
  • Improved landscaping and seating opportunities

Read detailed discussion of elements of the Schematic Design Plan here.

Next Steps

  • Obtain advice to establish a preliminary cost estimate of the project
  • Develop a draft implementation plan, including the identification of project stages. This development of an implementation plan will include further consultation with local businesses.
  • Confirm the Design Development packages and specifications for each Stage.

Council will continue to seek external funding for implementation of the project.

Schematic Design Plan November 2019